Aunt Kathy
       Hello, my name is Kathy Grimm. I’m an artist, teacher and archivist living and working in St. Louis, Mo. Beep Beep Voom is my online printable collection dedicated to the proliferation of quality puzzles and coloring pages for my youngest family members. 
       Content found here may be used freely by educators in the development of lessons and fun activities for their k-12 students.  However, I ask that you not propagate any of these derivitive materials on alternative public websites because many of them are either my own original content or have been significantly restored by myself for the expressed purpose of resourcing the materials to my blog readers. (Terms of Use) This does not limit, however, the number of copies that ordinary folks may produce apart from of the internet for their own private entertainment and education.
       Would you like to like to this blog? I've provided a small button for your web pages if you'd like to direct web traffic to our collection here. Simply upload the button to your side bar and link it to http://beepbeepvoom.blogspot.com/